VA Benefits Reform

As a Veteran myself, and having spent years working in the VA Waco Regional Office working with disabled Veterans, I have firsthand experience with our VA system, and I know our Veterans deserve better. I am equipped with the experience necessary to clean up this mess.

for All

Everyone deserves the right to visit a doctor, and you shouldn't have to go broke to do it. With the cost of treatment skyrocketing, Americans aren't able to afford quality care. That is why I believe in Healthcare for all. When I represent Central Texans, your health is a priority.

Justice Reform

I studied Psychology and Criminal Justice and then spent some time working in a detention facility. I have seen the horrors of the for-profit prison system up close. It needs to end. Let's treat human beings with the respect and dignity they deserve. 

Unity and Progress

Elected representatives should fight for all people, not just some. Partisan politics and exclusionary ideologies have prevented members of our community from getting the fair treatment they merit. Every person deserves dignity and respect. Every person is worth fighting for. 

Election Reform

Our electoral system is broken; we need to drastically change the way we elect our politicians. From partisan gerrymandering to shady campaign fundraising, voter suppression in Texas and around the country has to be combated.


Let's Do It


Democrats have seen a groundswell of support in the great state of Texas over the past few election cycles. With your help, I believe we can start a grassroots movement that will make Texas the largest swing state. It all starts right here, with Texas' 17th Congressional District.

About Me

I was raised in Central Texas. I served my country honorably as a United States Marine, and earned the Presidential Service Badge. I've worked with disabled Veterans at the Waco VA Regional Office and with incarcerated individuals. Now I'm serving my community a different way. I quit my job and sold my car so I could flip this district. I'm not a politician. Just a normal, working, Central Texan, like you, fed up with politics as usual.


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-AFL-CIO of Texas

-Austin Area Central Labor Council

-Austin Environmental Democrats

-Austin Stonewall Democrats

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-Central Austin Progressive Democrats

-Mutualista Hall of Waco

-Progressive Candidates

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