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VA Benefits Reform

As a Veteran myself, and having spent years working in the VA Waco Regional Office working with disabled Veterans, I have firsthand experience with our VA system, and I know our Veterans deserve better. 

Healthcare for All

Everyone deserves the right to visit a doctor, and you shouldn't have to go broke to do it. With the cost of treatment skyrocketing, Americans aren't able to afford quality care. That is why I believe in Healthcare for all. When I represent Central Texans, your health is a priority.

Prison Reform

I studied Psychology and Criminal Justice and then spent some time working in a detention facility. I have seen the horrors of the for-profit prison system up close. It needs to end. Let's treat human beings with the respect and dignity they deserve. 


Let's Do It


Democrats have seen a groundswell of support in the great state of Texas over the past few election cycles. With your help, I believe we can start a grassroots movement that will make Texas the largest swing state. It all starts right here, with Texas' 17th Congressional District.

About Me

I was raised in Central Texas. I served my country honorably as a United States Marine, and earned the Presidential Service Badge. I've worked with disabled Veterans at the Waco VA Regional Office and with incarcerated individuals. Now I'm serving my community a different way. 

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